Luis_websiteLearn Argentine Tango Social Dance.

  • Foundations Of Argentine Tango Dance
  • Posture, Balance and Dynamics
  • Musicality ( beat and double beat on simple walk)
  • Walking Perfectly, Fluidity, Elegance, Dynamics & Freedom Moves.
  • Change of Direction (useful move)
  • Pivot & Disassociation
  • Voleos & Embellishments
  • Social space
  • Culture and the legacy of Tango
  • Lead and follow basic steps and figures.
  • Having a good understanding of how the figures relate to each other.
  • Tango dancers targeting to work on their techniques plus Lead/Follow.
  • Improve your dancing with tango tips & exercises you’ve ever seen in Lead/Follow connection, balance, tension, spinning, safe drops, leans, PLUS loads of great moves.
  • You will develop strong confidence in Argentine tango dancing.
  • You will improve rhythmic interpretation as well.
  • You will develop a further understanding of the foundation and how those basics relate to more complex figures.


  • LUIS ( LUIGI ) Rognoni was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the Saavedra neighborhood He started his tango journey many years ago, from the streets, with the most famous milongueros and gradually created his own unique and powerful style.
  • LUIGI integrates his knowledge of dance, physiology and bio-mechanics to focus on quality of movements, musicality, interpretation, communication and connection, improvisation, technique, lead, dynamics and structure in his teaching. These tools can be applied to any social dance, to any tango style and help us create our own tango as we feel it.
  • LUIGI has a distinct style both in his dance and his teaching. He improvises very much, following the traditions of the milongueros. His musicality is very expressive, having solid fundamental skills that enable development of his own style with electrifying tango.
  • LUIGI teaches with energy and humor, emphasizing concepts, specializing in improvisation, always interpreting the music and respecting the character of the different orchestras.
  • LUIGI is especially interested in the dynamics and cadence of the dance. The physical and emotional chest to chest embrace, along with a mutual enjoyment and respect for the beat and for the music generates an energy that flows and takes over the dance, sending an emotional meaning to the steps.
  • LUIGI has been dancing for years in Buenos Aires, Caribe, Brazil and USA<

contact: Luis “Luigi” Rognoni
email: luirognoni@hotmail.com
PH: +1-770-696-7201


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  1. Hola Luigi — hope all is going well for you. Thinking of my travel calendar and wondering if you are contemplating plans for a tango group trip to BA next year. Tango is a wonderful thing!

    Lily Shaw
    Rochester, NY

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